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And to add to pinnacle of good articles – There is Eric Garland! #STRATIN

And as brilliant followup to many meaningful talk this week, this guy bashes STRATIN with due measure and discretion that is so worth again bringing up front. New Media is going to be just that:

“Most of these firms are considered Too Big to Fail by their respective nation-states, as evidenced by General Motors and Chrysler in 2009, and the markets are thus convoluted by subsidies, special regulations, and protectionism. One cannot predict the future of a marketplace by trend analysis alone, because oligopolies do not compete the same way as do firms in free markets. “

“The study of the future used to be easier to sell, maybe because the analysis usually predicted the growth of the consumer economy or the next great gadget. But the future is no longer nearly as palatable, and the customers are less interested. “

Sold? I Am.


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