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Russia, we never knew ya. (And Europe too… and #India, and #Iran, and…)

04/02/12 – No April fools. I told you that if you messed around in Syria, you would see issues;

Bout is getting a life sentence. He is, of course, our citizen. The USA is setting a precedent,” reads the first tweet. “I think we will put Americans on trial if they commit crimes in our country. From now on they are not subject to extradition,” 

That’s pleasantries – those of you Democrats that went to charm school should understand this:

“Russia and Iran have “multiple grounds for cooperation,” Mehmanparast said in an interview with state-run news agency. The “horizon of relations with Russia will be bright” and the level of relations will rise considerably, he said.”

See, that’s a new romance with someone that has a S-400 and does want Syria. Afterall, they are going to sell to India. With no Al Assad, there is no Hezbollah. When you outright escaped my advice to not play in Syria, Russia did as they shall. They shall demand trade.

It is not like you were not going to screw Israel over anyways, just you forgot that in doing so, you decided to give up geopolitical positions many paid for dearly.

One other thing I have read and it is very convincing that with no Syria, Iran basically drops. Know how?


I know how.

You should know how too.

Note that I did not display cargo vessels?

04/09/12 – Russia mounts the western border of Iran with troops.

04/12/12 – Russia may use a middle east event to finish the job on Georgia.

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