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I had the finest Parents in the world. (and out)

I am a petulant little brat. My Parents, They Spend about $400 for an entire year of Encyclopedia Brittanica. I spent Three years reading it. If only I could have read that instead of wasting time in that damnit boring as hell school. I also like communications like Radio, CB, HAM, anything where people may speak. Thats so important. But Never tell them, I read every one of those books thy bought and it was WELL SPENT MONEY. Tragic to lose them. But I read some things that were… nevermind.

Anyways, those books were so awesome that I forgot more than I read.
It was not that I read at urging, but they were in the living room which was beautiful – and on the bottom shelf. Mahogany Bookshelf – to me Giant.I would clean and vacuum the house as everyone was gone,Clean up, sit on that very civil war esque couch, and then read books on the shelf.

This fine Company, Encyclopedia Brittanica, My Condolance. You gave me a #HEADSTART

There must be a wild west somewhere and that is the internet now. As far as I know the United States of America and NO ONE ELSE owns it. Yet NO government has authorization to regulate it.

If you want your people to be stupid, un-educated, and unable to talk, YOU ARE A SLAVE OWNER.
There will be no more of this.
Almost all governments on this earth suck ass right now.

Let people talk to each other. If you try to capitalize it, I will crash and burn this to the ground. BABEL

Or, you could be a no talkin MOFO IF...

Leave the internet, the interwebs, the tweetweterdweebs, and good shit alone.

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