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I guess it will be okay to make everyone ground hobbits. But nobody asked me. I wanted to be a Panda Bear. #SICKpeople

Every time a democrat administration obtains greater power, they believe it is good enough time as any to start their little eugenics experiments going. After all, since the Chinese are “doing it” we should too. It is actually a very hard and long subject but just to give you a clue of it’s invalidity, it is cloaked under “Climate Change”. AHEM

This sickness purveyance; that a government will have all rights to the lives of other people is to me sickening. You people are SICK. Just straight up mentally ill.

Also – more skanky liberal ideas.

03/14/12 – Made an update on this so I can track the Utter Sickness of these people. Sick. Yeah, just sick.


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