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Where is the line.

I believe when the ballot box no longer works, the line has been crossed. But know this, the line was long ago crossed:

“Though the central force toward an Omnipotent State has historically been the Democratic Party (including the special-interest groups allied with it), the Republican Party cannot be held blameless. Its power-brokers have often behaved as if an unbounded federal government is perfectly all right with them, so long as Republicans hold the levers of power. Thus it will be insufficient to elevate Republicans over Democrats at the next election (and subsequent ones). A statist can wear garb of any colors. He can spout rhetoric as stirring as any other man. It’s not how he looks or sounds that matters, but what he does.”

I got it from Remus but since he has a screwed up way not not being able to separate posts, I give you Porretto’s post straight up. It’s a must read.

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