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Succinct articles that help us understand the time in which we find ourselves. This is an Adult site and this is a good read. Like a giant scroll across the sky.

I usually already know what you are going to say before you say it. (or, your brand is generic)

You see, with such good writers, I need not say more. But read the comments – all of them.

It looks like that sorry assed democrat underground website where the dung assed creatures procreate within their own filth. You see, I know George Soros is an evil Nazi scumbag and has done considerable damage to the world as a whole. Why you let psychopaths like that roam free on the planet? Well, some animals are more equal than others.


INTERPOL, you best execute that warrant on behalf of France before they elect another socialist scumbag to bankrupt them like Greece. LORD knows you need more socialist in Europe.

Idiots. I fart in your general direction (Throw down the cows).

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