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To what ends?

There is a of lack of planning in all the lawfare being forced out of the executive branch. The President should not stand his position, authority, and rights in how he chooses to Govern. There is a specific job he is supposed to do, and has tended poorly to the true responsibilities and priorities of that office.

There is no presedent of neccessity for any of it and it is un-invited.

The methods of oversight must be confused because I still do not see where you are taking US with all of this. Every environment is turmultious. There is no use of planning…. anything.
No one is going to want to invest crap here. The political dynamic surrounding this “Central Planning” has Incompatible interests with what they are supposed to be providing.

When the bureaucracy out numbers the elect, there is no incintive to change.
May as well just get rid of the states entirely if every state issue is now a Federal one.
May as well directly elect the dip-shit dictator like every other banana republic or 3rd rate state of degeneracy .

Do people want to live in a state of constant lawfare and regulation? Would you like this government make you un-educated robots?
The dissipating sanity of the electorate has already elected us Inflexable Bureaucracy and to check this power is paramount to not turning this country into hell on earth.

No progress will be made until the destruction of these American institutions cease.

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