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Where was the Watch on Concordia?

Leaders must stand during disasters, even if they created it. A Captain has been accused of Manslaughter. This thing from front to end strikes me as a poor leadership and complacency. Court is not in session yet, but there is much to learn from this thing…. whatever it is.

“Theres some important issue here. If the captain set the course and the officer of the watch was NOT allowed to deviate from it even if he suspected that it was dangerous THEN this goes against everything I was trained to do as a navigating cadet when I was on tankers many moons ago. In my days we had no sat nav so the responsbility was clearly with the officer of the watch….period. Now if I read this correctly what the article is saying is that sat navs systems are pre set by the captain and no deviation is allowed……If thats right then this is a technology assisted collision where responsbility has shifted away from the officer of the watch. If its true this is how its happened then this will happen again..”

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01/28/12 – A play by play on the Navigation of Concordia during incident.

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