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Signs of the times (in a good way) #current

There is some chatter that is reminiscent of Rome . The inevitible empire – Stratfor

There is some graphical detail surrounding SOPA and why Hollywood sucks. Many answers are pooling in.

Some spice as Kahneh.

A cover letter from someone I thought was me.

Reserves are ramping up.

SCOTUS wins a rung for Religious Liberty

Teen risk and learning (and/or)

Arab corruption

Corporate tax

Not all Islams are equal

The real handling of the middle east

Overcriminalization – As Federal Crime List Grows, Threshold of Guilt

Lack of innovation

We are sinking under obama’s policies

FBI to launch nationwide facial recognition service

For guys fun – Simple Pickup

True marxist rejection of Civil rights leader John Lewis. (VID)

The only #occupywallstreet protester that has a clue:

Is Islamic law to blame?

THEY Make OWS violent

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