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The US Government has turned into a piece of shit, and it’s “leaders” nothing more than pirates. There is no good future because of it.

And you people that have elected this leviathan, YOU SUCK. I don’t trust you either. You little idiots that feel you have the right to secede my authority to this piece of shit government piss me off the most. Since when is using the government as a charity more of a moral value than any of the Ten Commandments?

One thing worse than making a government take care of people is one that does it for their own good – and then will not let them take care of themselves. What are you people? Masochists? More like Psychopaths.

You are building a Fascist system of government which will turn to an Oligarchy filled with unionized Socialist elite un-elected bureaucrats that think we are too stupid to manage our own affairs. And they will jam their man-made law down your throats, and you like this?

The problem with democrats is not only that they are pure evil, but they put implicit trust into this piece of shit government to take over all aspects of our lives. In fact, Democrats vote for pirates to bankrupt this piece of shit government while at the same time making more promises to the stupid imbeciles that vote for it. These imbeciles really have no conversation to have with me. We walk contrary.

Like that little failure of a leader you elected, it is like having an 8TH grader run a nation with 316 million people in it. Bravo. Running around the country with his fake “jobs bill” and “raise taxes” to cover for the trillions he has pissed away in the name of “fairness” to thug unions and this useless NEA.

None of this means anything but political posturing for you idiots that “believe” in “hope and change”. The democrat party and it’s Orwellian newspeak is par for the course. Nothing the democrat party does actually helps anyone, it merely is a bunch of talk and pay-offs for their buddies. These guys elect demons. The democrat party is nothing BUT politics. 180 degrees in the wrong direction that we should be going. You never stopped being the party of slavery.

There is no civility and the opposite morals required to have a civilization.

Not even Rome had it like this. Forcing everyone to live under such a tyranny.

Save the Military, there really are no assets this government has worth it’s salt. Nothing but paperwork and bureaucrats. Useless to all of humanity, and a great big waste of Shekels.

I have never seen such ignorance. If the adults do not do something – if the elect do not do something, The next years may be hell on earth.

It needs to be purged.

The Elect should be ashamed.

01/31/12 – The Government can.

03/06/12 – And they ARE pirates.

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