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A short note about this “climate Change” #fraud #scam #suckers

I was doing a terrain walk in a small town in Guatemala. I stopped in the local pub and paid some kid to keep the beggars away. I spent the afternoon conversing with the locals and just  when I was about to leave, and old man asked me about global warming.

A poor 87 year old man in the third world dressed in tattered clothes was worried about global warming. I was stunned how our irresponsible and stupid media somehow got word out to the third world that this man made scam was effecting them somehow, and it really pissed me off.

For all of my time, there have been idiots speculating that there may be “climate change”. When I was young, it was “global cooling“, and then it was global warming, and then it was  “climate change”.

I have to tell you folks, it’s a scam and I am sick of hearing that crapola. It’s a farce to strangle growth and to profit those who made it up. All it was, a bunch of sensors placed in unusually hot places and some cooked books.  How many times must this nonsense be rebuked? If there is change, we know what would cause it. We even have proof that readings are false.

Editor at Black Kettle has it right:

“The revolutionaries of the ‘noble savage’ crowd who invoke some fanciful ideas about class struggle and Gaia earth worship against the evils of resource exploitation are almost always a bunch of naive rich and indulged punks who know next to nothing about the world because they have been incubated in a bubble of privilege and excess. These are the same sanctimonious morons who abort their babies while lecturing the rest of us on the plight of Harp seals.  Classic useful idiots.”  

Check out this chart to see how taxpayers pay for it all from Check out the IPCC fraud.

The President has given up, even Europe has given up on it. Why don’t you?

Heh. Dumbasses.

The timing is impeccable.

11/22/11 – Round II

02/29/11 – This is how stupid it gets.

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