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This goat rope was awful tonight #gop @thehermancain

Cain, you knew they were going to dogpile you before you took that stage tonight. You must be ready. Leaders know they are right and it resonates – ensure you remember that.  Your 9-9-9 plan is better than any other plans right now. Let’s challenge the system with Our plan.

I AM the one most hurt, but it is getting covered by COLA, Charity, and greater economic growth. We afford more, we help others more.

At least you, Cain, know whom it is you are running against. I have witnessed for a long time.

This was the most sorry debate I have seen. You IDIOT republicans are running against Barak Obama, PERIOD. The bicker shows desperation.

Jersey shore is on MTV, these Publicans are acting the same way. You need to grow up.

You are done, Bachmann, Santorium. Perry, you are limited in planning – in fact all of you suck on planning save Herman Cain.
Newt, you are stellar and I AM glad you are there. You are not done.
Cain And Newt

Also, everyone should pay taxes. EVERYONE.

10/19/11 – Roger Simon.


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