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Thoughts on a #Palestinian state #israel – not so fast.

The referendum comes down to little more than these things:

An independent Palestine without conceding the legitimacy of Israel’s sovereignty; its capital in Jerusalem; and the entry of Palestinians who left the area in 1948–49 and their descendants into pre-1967 Israel with the rights of citizenship.

1. You are trying to form a state under a permanent state of war. That is not a state,  That is a function. That’s a no-go

2. Jerusalem belongs to, and always will belong to Israel.

3. Those who left Israel fled and were PAID for that land.

4. You do not even have a recognizable government. What’s the “agreement” with?

5. You are still firing rockets into Israel. Some correct history from Sultan and Read up on the current stunt

And who comes with the monies? House of Saud.Why lose rabble rousers when you can insure a bad thing?

This speech may be worth a watch Tonight and Rodney has some pertinent thoughts.

09/23/11 – Stolen History.  This day’s history.

12/14/11 – from deep in the archives, the most succinct explanation of Israel ever.

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