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A fracturing Euro-zone. The #EU may create more problems than it was to solve #economy

Many member states have not been serious in solving their financial difficulties. When a common currency is being devalued in one place and valued in another, it naturally creates friction.  So, when Poland warns of eventual War, please take note.

What it ultimately boils down to right now is Greece. Greece has not been serious in their Austerity. I wonder if Germany will eventually just leave the Euro allowing it to drop in value to a more reasonable level. Germany seems to be propping the whole thing up on it’s own anyways. Ireland is eyeing the idea. Is it time for a breakup of the overly-aggressive and imposing EU?

And if countries do decide to leave the EU, it may spark a currency war – which in Europe could start a real war. Much more study I must do on this.

09/22/11 – The great Euro Swindle.

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10/14/11 – The Euro-zone goes the way of Rome.

10/17/11 – Europe is losing it’s ambition as happens with all socialist states.

Doug Noland: “The Situation Is Utterly Hopeless”  And a good suggestion – As If.

10/29/11 – This is total ass.

10/30/11 – These kinds of things could lead to WWIII

11/13/11 – A pragmatic solution?

11/18/11 – EURO Finance minister says something completely absurd.

12/03/11 – Germany is again acting like Germany does – and that’s to seize power.

12/04/11 – In defense of Germany.

12/08/11 – Despite the offer to pull currencies tightly together may not work. Sarkozy warns.

12/28/11 – Folks, this is insane – LTRO “Bazooka” Is Epic Disaster As Banks Scramble To Redeposit “Free Carry” Cash With ECB, Lose Money On “Inverse Carry”

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