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Mobs have no brains. The UK could use a speech from Mayor Nutter. #riots


Ahh the good old ultra-violence

I seem to recall that London is probably one of the dumbest places to riot. If ever there was a city where “Big Brother” is watching you, London is it. Funny that some people did not think it would be effective.

Alas, they were proven wrong as thousands were rounded up and taken to a full time Provost once their faces were identified. As for the rioters, many people question the cause for such depraved behavior, and some like the Mail Online answer just that.  It seems that the conditions were not actually that bad.

At least the rioters would steal themselves some stylish sneakers on their way to steal their Ipods and flat screen TV’s but left the food and books alone. Hence, the riots were not actually about poverty but the fact that a kid was gunned down by the Police. The oppertunity presented itself and the kids streamed out of mommies basement into the street to bust up the quickie marts. The “Youths” in the UK have always seemed kind of on edge.

Here in the US, we sometimes have similar situations. Philadelphia’s mayor Michael Nutter confronted such a condition with class, maturity, and common sense. I am not one to adulate Democrats in general, but I was impressed with this guys speech.

There is a reason I dislike the liberal mantra is they bear false witness, teach people to covet, and use the government to steal. Once such an attitude is implanted in young minds, it is difficult to reverse. The “victim mentality” takes root.

I often wonder why politicians believe this mentality will help them in their Un-Godly quest for power. In another universe, I would think it wise to educate your children to become self sufficient and moral in their quest. It is easier to manage self governing individuals than un-ruly mobs.

Just Sayin.

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