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American Republican debate – Time to cull the herd #tcot

I love you all, but some of you you are out.

Huntsmann, I don’t know you and you sound like a weak waffle. No plan for war or peace. I doubt your solid footing as you do not know where you step. Soothsayers suck to me seeing the current spectacle.

T-Paw, exit the race. You forget what you are running for or against – and cap n’ trade is really stupid. You know very little for the office you seek.

Sanctorum, exit the race. You have no plan. Politics is your bag, the loyalty is great, but the vision you have is too narrow. You have values, but what I want along with that is a solid plan.

Newt – you mentioned “man made” and “Global warming” in your stupid book. Exit the race. Breathing such bullshit excluded you before you ran and you are difficult to work with. Anyone who ever whispers global warming is not mentally strong enough to hold office anywhere in this country.

Ron Paul, you warmed a seat in congress for 20 years – tonight said it was 35 years but whatever. You were useless then and will be useless if you gain the office. Learn the LAW and then retire knowing you wasted lots of our tax money doing nothing with it. You are pathetic.

Cain, you are my choice. Your old world experience and your sincerity from what I have listened to for many years gains my up most confidence. You connect with real people so carry on. Be the Big Potato.

Bachmann, you may be my President anytime, girl. You are awesome. I just wanted you to wait and work for awhile. Very promising. If you can hammer them this time, do so and win.

Gay marriage, you are not a candidate. Not even 10% of the populace even care what you stand for and curse all of you who make that a bigger issue than our collapsing economic system. I did not even know gay marriage was running. I never even knew this was a national security issue but try again in 2016 if you think you are so important.

Abortion, is murder an important candidate over those that are trying to support people living right now? Did not know you were running too. I just do not want people using you for birth control. Run again next term as a democrat.

Romney… Ohh. I forgot you ran last time. Thought you knew you were not going to impress me this time. You have some of it but very little. Too bad that suck ass McCain took your last bid.

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