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Named after a Vin Diesel movie, fast and furious may end up on the Presidents calendar

Originally published July 27th.

Watch the legal boondoggle festivities here and leer in anticipation.

Withholding and falsifying documents is not the worst thing in this case. If guns ran or walked, it still was very egregious failure in leadership.

This harmed our ties with Mexico during an already difficult time for them.

ATF stated that four federal agencies were “full partners”. 

And of course, the Whitehouse knew. An admittance?

The chat on the true street.

07/28/11 – The operation was an upgrade on the cartels capabilities.

07/30/11 – This is the perfect storm of ideocy

08/01/11 – Read the Senate report.

08/09/11 – Goes all the way to the White House.

08/31/11 – The ATF chief is thrown under the bus and whistleblowers are on notice. Truely corrupt this DOJ.

09/02/11 – So, Holder and Incompetent DHS Secretary Knew. And the Whitehouse got e-mails about it. So, in my book, they all knew. This is far bigger than watergate. The useless media will not cover it. Well I cover it. Pajamas Media is covering it. And here is a supposed insider report from newsflavor. Holder is the most corrupt Attorney General in all of US History. He should be in Prison, not sitting at that desk.

In fact, I will again put this at the top because I Do not want it to go away.

09/09/11 – White House Gunrunner.

09/10/11 – The FBI hid evidence.

09/20/11 – Issa wants a special prosecutor. I do too.

09/25/11 – That scumbag Leahy Implicated In Obstruction Of Gunwalker Case.

09/28/11 – WaterGate did not have a Body Count.

09/29/11 – Is it an impeachable offence?

10/2/11 – Yes, a direct line to the White House.

10/08/11 – Yes, Bush had a similar program WITH interdiction and tracking and shut the unsuccessful program down as it was a failure. That does not mean you quadruple the size of the program and try it again.

Bush had stimulus spending too and it did not work, why keep doing things that do not work.

11/22/12 – We are a Primary Supplier?

01/30/12 – Holder knew the day Brian Terry was killed by “Fast and furious” weapons.

02/01/12 – The Family of Brian Terry has filed suit.

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