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The people do not trust the US government. Why reward it more money for more piss poor performance? #budget #tcot

The intent of this exercise is to change the behavior of this government. We have lost the control of our federal government on almost every level as they are increasingly trying to get full control of US.

It’s not worth it.

We need to get this government operating on a cash balance sheet instead of this accrual creative reporting system as of current.

It must start somewhere and it needs to start now. Thwarting fiduciary responsibility is reckless and should not be tolerated.

It would be nice if some people in the Senate would show some intestinal fortitude and pass the current house passed legislation no matter how flawed it seems to be. It would also be nice to make the general fund illegal and appropriate funds into the accounts directly. But I may only dream so much….

Then some of you say that the Government knows how to better manage your money than you do.

07/23/11 – Bob Krumm provides a teaching point.

07/24/11 – When money dies (.PDF)

08/30/11 – Meade provides US with an option.

10/14/11 – You know your city is a hell hole when….

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