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Bad #military plans. I AM saying it. #military #dod #cinc #USA #tcot

All of the proven bad ideas resurrected to not only hollow the Armed Services of the US, but will effectively cripple it. A strong Military is imperative to this Republic.

As for pay, why should anyone in the executive earn more than a member of the military? Why should anyone in government earn more than someone willing to die for the institution (if so being said is a just “institution”)?

This is a waste of my time. The military is one of the few things that this government is supposed to do, and do damn well. And they have. Highly educated and loving Soldiers are fielding the horrors waged upon US by the barbarians from hell. Gentle Giants are doing Gods bidding on purely honest terms and saving lives. A Constitution of a Republic they have sworn Oath to protect.

It’s bad enough you do not count their votes in elections, but you want to give them a pay cut for waging 6 wars you directed them to? The Op-tempo is too high, they have too much at stake, and now you betray them by any means possible.

These are the most professional people on the planet. They are highly experienced as well as very highly educated. We, the Military were trained how to fight wars, set up cities, keep the peace, be carpet crawlers, and maintain very highly technical battle as well as LAW systems. That enough is skill sets you need to maintain a defense of the finest country ever in all of human history.

These skills apply in the worst places on earth where shrapnel and bullets fly. Your local accessibility of these fighters may help you in a hurry.

It does not matter the particular skills that are learned in the military. All are worthy in times of great need. You Mr President will always want them on your block. Think about that.

A draft? Do you like the unwilling to serve under you? Do you want to saddle the willing warriors of massive compassion and integrity with participants who have no feel for the game? Who have no courage or care? The guy behind you when he panics puts his rifle on auto but was shaking too much when SHTF….  Never mind.

No thanks. Thanks for your fake empathy but we are not victims, we are not stupid, and not going to puppet your cause. We want professional ranks that communicate life saving ideas with each other. We test each other for loyalty and ensure there is solid ground below us before we obligate people and their families in what may be turmoil already to an ever increasing op-tempo of “kinetic and non kinetic warfare”.

We got coins, and COIN and …   The damned paperwork and the troop that was doing drugs, and the girl that got pregnant to not go. Or the guy that’s the best Soldier you have ever seen but happens to be the Angel to arrive at every crime scene and save lives, but is the one that kept more than 42 people in your Battalion from getting killed or going to jail….  which is why he is in jail. That’s who I want with me.

COL Petraeus was accidentally shot at the range by a green Soldier, whom happened to be a Fine Soldier. The punishment was that this Soldier had to go to Ranger School and pass. That’s an awesome punishment if you really like to learn things and believe you can serve to your maximum ability.

A Commander picks his people if possible, if not, we have Non Commissioned Officers on site already (salty Soldiers – bent to hell and back and for some, 11 times). They know more about anything any lawyer will tell you.

If your are lucky, you get a good Warrant Officer too. They report to Congress.

Men and Women of the Military with a babysitting job? That’s a handicap to a professional force.

I do not know what happened to DC, but this cut defense during escalation is a No Go. These plans and the disdain for those whom serve and Die for this country do not count on that hill. More whom have been wounded in your collective protections face cuts as well? If one died for this world and country, That one did it for you.

I know there are problems with spending in the Military, but I also know there are more problems with spending on these cheesy bureocrazies that hamper all of our ways of Life.

Why cannot you learn why things were the way they were first before trying to ram-rod your ill conceived plans into the culture that provided your security? Are you planning to collapse this society altogether?

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