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Now is time to pay attention to #yemen #wot #military

I keep getting hits that his (Saleah’s) medical condition was worse than was thought. Now I am told he will return (sic) in two weeks.

Last night, they said he was dead, yesterday, they said he was in a Saudi hospital and a military hospital in Sana. They also said he had burns and some other wreckage. Said they had camera and films. I was not paying much mind tho. I was taking wild eyed glances into Egypt, Greece, Tunisia, K-STAN, and most of all, Armenia and the Azeris. all sorts of stuff.

The man left in charge of the country, Abd Rabu is not known to be a strong player. Radicalized is the opposition. They have control of 3 cities.

Sure looks like the cat 3 rapids are about to start in that country. (Yemen)

Saleh was apparently wounded and is in Saudi Arabia.


)6/21/11 – Opinio Juris asks DOD or CIA?

09/27/11 – Troops are amassed in the Blue Nile region, this could be political leaders bid to break up the South.

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05/31/12 – PBS did excellent in this special covering Al Qeada in Yemen. 

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