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The #US #cia The Executive Office should clear these Men of their charges.

Yeah. I am kind of concerned about this. The Executive Office should clear these Men of their charges. Also a primer on what the Thomas Drake case may mean – “We’re in a scary space in this country.” 

I forgot to mention to Stand With Intelligence.

06/09 – Drake has twice rejected plea bargains in the Espionage Act case. Last offer was down to misdemeanor.

06/10 – Drake accepts a plea.

06/11 – The plea is good enough. But the Government will not back off of the others.

06/30/11 – Newly opened by the DOJ (SIC) / closes two.

07/07/11 – Related: Return of the plumbers.

09/10/11 – Did the CIA do enough to protect it’s folks?

09/18/11 – More about the above only from hacking.

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