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#Egypt may decide the future of the entire middle east

The world is waiting on a decision from both Egypt and Tunisia. We have doubts that things will be better for you after the overthrow. As most know the Moslem world tends to follow the strong horse in every case. It seems as in your case, Egypt, you will have a member of the old guard in your leadership.

Amr Moussa may be the new President in Egypt. I cannot say if that is good or bad but remember, Israel is a partner to GOD. So, you decide. Things could go very good, or very bad. In any case, you will be the leader of the Arab world.

Tunisia also must quickly form a system that is amiable to most of it’s citizens. Unlike Egypt, you have more European roots, and may take kinder view of the minorities in your state (Say Christian and Jew). Yet this also could be threatened if you do not choose the correct style of leadership.

In any case, we are waiting and quality beats time in tour choice.

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