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Pesach 2011 + or – ?

Covet others wealth?

Use the government as an interlocutor to steal?

Enslave the nation to debt and government?

Bankrupt your nation?

There is no GOD without Private property rights, For he is Owed HIS.

You are made as you are, no morals covers the natural condition in which you were made

Do not force your morals on others.

GOD prefers an honest man above all others

Killing babies is not a virtue, nor is it a moral

Your works belong to GOD and you, not anyone else.

Being free does not entail any government making you fill out any paperwork for your labor. Government works for you, not the other way around

The World has never had so many countries drift into tyranny in such a short time as this – and never had a populace so willingly been comfortable with such a scheme.


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