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What will count are his friends, his deep pockets, and his fear of losing power. It is more powerful to him than the lives of any of his family. Any of them.He hires foreigners to protect him and fly his military craft. He hires them to snipe at people they point out. He is not about people at all and never was. Relations did warm with him given his help in other areas.

He was not a major problem for the US as of late.But, is a major problem with the immigrant population in France.
Once that Allied member committed, the game started.
Now is consequence of acting in-effectually without having proper mediation first. It rips alliances out of support.

If he now poses threat of retaliation for the declaration of war that has not been made, then are you responsible to ensure he cannot make good on that threat?

Well, he had ten billion dollars under his mattress. Heard he decided to go to the mattresses. If this is so, and it usually is, he plans to kick back. If this is seen, you must again go back to a JDAM.

We will have gone full circle in the use of force, and not using force in less than 2 months.

3/27 – Gadaffi’s troops are defecting.

08/21/11 – Tripoli falls.


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