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This must be dealt with. #UCMJ #US judge advocate general

Soldiers do not do this. This popped up last year and got sidelined. It is not behavior true Soldiers conduct. Needless to say, someone wanted to go over it again for whatever reason. Thats the part that makes the timing strange. Yet, there is no excuse for men under the US Military to be so savage, and this is very rare in our forces. Do not make me point to other countries forces. There are good and bad people everywhere.

Besides the fact that these foreign people are poor and scared or may be the guys that killed someone would not even elicit this kind of brutality and it most certainly is not Authorized by the UCMJ.

Our soldiers see plenty of their own also get murdered. As one quoted to me “Many of the people, in fact most you see killed deserve it; there are not too many innocent people there. Not all by far, but most”. It seemed quite crude at first look. I Am awares of the fact that targeting has been quite accurate as of late.

In any case, these kids were not on a strategic war path, they were being thugs and murdering whomever to satisfy I do not care what.

No US Soldier has the authority to abuse and murder anyone from any country in this context. Ever. And they ALL know it.

This is the most difficult case I have seen in the Military in my life, though we always expect awful things.

This is a lesson about power. Having it does not mean you use it. It means you become humble as power could overtake your whole being in every aspect. Power is powerful and it resonates both ways. Power is nasty. You should not hate it because you do not have any (so to speak), Hate it when others abuse it. Learn to look for it’s abuse.

There is a Hero kid story here by the way, and a good Father. The Military boards have been on fire over it until it was sidelined. No worries, we never forget.

Anyways, it is worth tracking.

And tracking we are. 06/24/11 – The photos seemed to mean more than the action. Testimony.

Many trials have been wrong with the military. I remember many. It is very difficult to find a charge against someone on the battlefield. One reason sometimes is “Hey, look! we are making progress” and ” We are warriors”. Yeah. Everyone smiles and then goes back into their shell looking for the next round. Conditioned so to speak. But if this was going about wasting time while wasting random people, that’s a big no no in these Armed Forces.

I have been caught up with popular support sometimes. But generating reason for it other than planned military targets makes it harder to accept.

Make it a fair trial please. Always be lenient with our cops.

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