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The President could not act earlier. #libya

You cannot just go in and bomb stuff. There may be good guys in the way. The AWACS needed time enough to collect information, and we needed a partner on the ground. And most important of all, they must ask us to intervene. We must know who they are to help them. So, he did good in my view. I certainly was not a proponent to act at all as it was not within US interest. But (always a but) Al-Qaeda has been drooling over Libya so they could use it for their arms trade to further Islam in Africa. Gadaffi was preventing that. Without firm confirmation from the Rebels of support, it may have been against US interest and still may turn out so.

There also is the point of international co-operation. It seemed to pass very quickly, yet the Pentagon was really against it. I do not blame them at all.

You work with the messed up world you have instead of trying to make it what you want. Once France started to strafe, we had to engage. So, for the second time, good job Mr President.


That being from the fact that every time I say no, you say yes. And if I know you are going forth with it, the least we can do is support our Allies if they decide to get skin in the game.

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