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No country on the planet has been put through what Japan has been put through.

Please express to Japan that no country on this planet has had a 9.0 earthquake, a Tsunami, a volcano blast, and a nuclear meltdown. All at the same time.

Japan has done an awesome job handling this impossible situation. The blue jackets were right there as well as the orange jackets to fix what could be fixed. On site and ready within hours. Did anything humanly possible. Risked life and limb to defend that country from carnage no one may have foretold.

There is no shame in recovering the way the Japanese have – they are awesome. No leaders and no pros have ever been put against such a mammoth task in world history. So, We must make sure that Japan knows they did more than all they could, and saved many lives. I believe that Tokyo needs to know that they are not in blame, and have our full support. Japan made a disaster look orderly like they always do đŸ™‚

Logistics are a mess and will take time to sort – embrace the suck.

Do not allow the the message of a power plant stall your thinking in how well this government and citizens acted in this disaster. The Leadership did all possible to make sure their people were safe. I see no failure other than the reporting – and this again, is traditional non panic.

Lost a-lot of fine people in this last disaster.

For a country that has won against Godzilla, the US, and two other nukes, I think you shall fare well in the long term. Every time Japan is ripped down, it is built better than before. You kicked mortal ass as far as it may be kicked, and resilience is now the middle word for Japan. Kick ass ninjas as from all time.
Please relay that there is absolutely no shame in this tough time.

What there is for me is a gleaming feeling of Proud, and everyone from Japan should feel this as well.

Tokyo looks great after being through a 9.0 earthquake

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