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Force of action has impact.

If you want to play, he is challenging you.

If you wait, he will kill them all. It will be the same again until they make enough babies to challenge him again.

One JDAM could end it all but you have to declare war for that. If you want a NFZ, I believe you must do the same. The Libyan government is not really “recognized”.

You are the executive, Obama. But understand that by LAW, if they plan to kill you, you must kill them first. Ergo, you have to sink a Navy, and ground an air force of an entire country you do not know will be friendly – or maybe they say they are. It’s your chain, and this is the last hour. Will you pull it for Hillary, or understand that we need standing fleets available for the pace of this here broken arrow? Events unseen and such…
You must be addicted to placing your words into action. Problem is, we are busy. Not that we cannot handle it – just the op-tempo has grown beyond comprehension and yet today you speak as the defense budget is the first on the chopping block.
I say anyone who pushes papers or collects them are non-essential, and if you have no vision, you have little place enforcing your vision on the middle east. That said, You are Commander In Chief and need to understand the ramifications of your actions. Not withstanding brackets, golf, and fundraisers to get in your way. Happy Purim

P.S. Fasting is feeding the poor personally, not jacking up prices so high they cannot afford to drive to work.

If you engage OUR Soldiers in this, you are responsible to them for eternity.

Also, Gadaffi has no chance in hell of keeping that country.

Aim High. Or not.

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