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Possibilities of a new Pan-Arab war?

More like a religious war. Bahrain is not the only country torn in the middle of Iran’s meddle. Take note the ramifications surrounding Hezbollah, the Huthis, and protests by Shiite in other countries as well in the region. There is Lebanon wanting something for some reason. And Egypt arming the Libyans. Maybe if Egypt tasks itself with security, assistance may not be unreasonable. Or is it?

3/21 – Iran is testy.

3/27 – Qatar seizes two Iranian ships with weapons bound for Bahrain and Farsi speaking gunmen operating in Syria. Seeing as Assad is an ally of Iran, very plausible indeed. It is in Tehran’s interest to keep their proxy in place. The Syrians have had enough of living in a GULAG.

08/18/11 – Hezbollah hints that they will war with Israel once the US pulls out of Iraq.

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