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Crocs and gators continued.

Mookie is back! yay. Sistani is holding grace, but it seems he has been cut from the Hojjat via partner influence. He is working on Iraq while Iran kicks “reformers” out of the running. Seems to me that something is going to boil over where Sistani does not want to be, hence his hitcrew newly “reformed” set foot in Iraq. It may also be the sliding scale of influence in the Shi’ite sect. Maybe the city of Qom is not all that holy after-all. Rafsanjani is now out of the picture so maybe something is afoot in Iran.

Of course just speculation…… no?

04/24 – Intel chief quits, supreme leader trumps prez.

04/27 – AJ may want to quit. The heat is on. And he skipped his meeting with the counsel.

05/06 – Iran gearing up for another tug-of-war: Small Wars Journal.

05/09 – A bloody brawl over the two sides and a possible Coup.

05/17 – The Pres wants to take down Supreme Leader.

05/30 – Not winning – Khamenei endorses Ahmadinejad?

06/01 – Apparently not.

06/02 – Supreme Leader is going to trump short round.

06/12 – Layla

06/16/11 – IRGC will side with Khamenei. 

07/14/2011 – Reproofed. What do the seven dwarfs say?

What this is boiling down to is the fact that “Supreme Leader” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei believes that the Islamic state is in jeopardy with the radical hard liners in charge – and sees himself depreciated as his reliable staff is constantly removed from Government control. It also is a spat between the IRGC and the HOTJA (or whatever it is that AJ is a part of).  QOM has sworn they will fight on the side of the Supreme Leader. A more moderate force  but will not stop the clash between true Iranians that would like to enjoy a State of Freedom from all of that ruling class. Sounds very familiar with many countries in that area. As well as ours 🙂

09/19/11 – There has been much back and forth that I have not posted as it is more bark than bite, but this gem from PBS speaks about how the IRGC is taking the Iranian Parliament.

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