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There is no such of a thing as a “no-fly zone”.

No matter how many “No-Fly” zone posters I posted in the Middle east, there were always flies.

So, you get to watch him kill his own people in the “fly zone”? Watch him engage our Soldiers in over 2000 incidents? We had a no-fly zone in Iraq as that war never ended. Dayton accords were violated, what, 178 times? And it all ended with that guy on a rope anyway. Iraq was Americas longest war, just some people refuse to believe that. It started in 1990.

Bombing the air force is a no fly zone. But this argument is sophomoric in many manners. Have you really been asked to do so by those men with rifles on the ground? His entire inventory is in crumbles. He has his lady protection force, his clan, the MERCS, and deep pockets, but the COL cannot hang on.

We have the USS Enterprise. No way he will get over on US, if you need to make a military consideration, start here. And here.

By the way, Strategic Oil Reserves are for strategy, not an election term. Keep them full.

It belongs to the Libyans – and they WILL get rid of him. He has no muscle.There is no way Gadaffi may keep this country. His airforce is broke, he did not train a military. Give those people their own country. Let them have what is theirs and a self won victory. Angels work is weird ways, yet always faithful.

When people are reaching for something higher, be proud of them. When they learn how to maintain that, then they/you have security.

Update: So you asked for intervention, and then immediately split party in the request. Unfortunately you picked the one option off the table which leaves us to the real matter. The only real “intervention” there is is to declare War. Thats a JDAM. No more, no less. Do you want that for a brother leader? Does the US want to deliver heads in this region?

Update – 3/11, probably not our friends anyway.

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