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The Barbary Pirates and the Shores of Tripoli….

And the Suez Canal, Gush Katif, Judea and Sumariah, Aden, and Carthage.

The current order will change. America must be prepared to mine it’s own resources.

Meanwhile; in Persia, The opposition rulers Mousavi and Karroubi and their wives were arrested. Watch tomorrow – #25Bahman.

Update: From Tehran Bureau

Update again: Pirates get sunk and killed as their victims have no where to run. Or at least you would hope that was the headline when four Americans perished for the softpaw work in the executive branch. Mind the executive his military, lest he be lost among warriors. Trust the professionals.

Libya, we asked to help and only if you want it. As was the same case with every country. But if one man, woman, or child burns in chemical weapons, drop a JDAM on that f*****. And send a drone after his son.

And Egypt, your future remains in balance – of what, we do not know.


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