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Watch how you treat those pros.

This resonates with me. You seek men of character in the engagement of warfare. Being exceptionally knowledgeable and competent in these skills do not automatically reward.

Our military has been engaging in another war in the past few decades; A war of political influence and social experimentation. I have seen the degrading treatment of our Soldiers by our political “betters” for quite a long time.

Atlantic describes many things that force the troops to turn tail – not from battle, but from the bureaucratic PC wankers that attempt to put fine warriors in a box. This piece is about John Nagl. Mind you, he is brilliant but they chased him off anyway.

We also had an exceptional Skipper of the Big E canned for trying to improve morale in an otherwise mundane environment where most on board had cabin fever. I commend that man though it was tasteless. I would have done it myself – yet my skits were much worse.

Chain of command made a bad decision in how they acted. It meshes nicely with the Atlantic story. How prescient.


One more thing, Military members must be thick skinned so whomever it was that complained needs the boot as well. You do not want an environment where those with leadership tabs are taken to the shed over a complaint from a ticked off private pile. I anger at the chain of command over this.

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