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The world heading in a better direction

I have a strange and glorious feeling of much weight being removed in the past month or so. I literally feel it and have been in a pleasant mood the past few days because of it. This is great because 2010 was the worst  ass eating year in history where as actions are concerned.

I see some fiscal sanity returning to that criminally insane sewage factory that is Washington DC. That crappy bureaucrats wet dream health control bill was repeald in the house. Animal farm delayed for another year or so. We shall see.

Tator Tot has declared he will tone it down. We shall see.

AF/Pak plan to hold a Jirga.

China has decided to invest in the Gulag known as NORK to relieve some pressure. Ergo, our forces reduced alert level. They also said they wont nuke us first. Whatever.

Even the Copts are getting protection on this Christmas day.

It may not seem like much, but every little bit helps. It’s the feeling I get that counts – I see other good things too.

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