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So, what’s it going to be?

Living “Green”, or status quota? These people cannot figure out how they want YOU to live.  Is there any clarity at all on how our “Government” really wants us to live? Where is the control of this “Government”? Who told them to tell US what to do? Who gave these people our consent? Check the insanity Here… It’s insipid.

The poor will certainly get poorer this year. CPI is only at.1? Thats BS and everyone knows it. Is it collapse time yet, or would you rather stop spending money?

Here is a little secret; For every dollar the government takes is a dollar that is not in the true economy. It is very difficult to gain confidence of people who want to employ people when you have no true economic plan and have to alter it every 4 months.

You spend no more. You cut now. This bill will either be paid or burned in a wastepaper basket before our Grand-children are born.

The LAW becomes as simplistic as possible, or it becomes useless and abusive. 9,000 pages of new ones, I cannot understand.

Simplicity is grandeur. Your stupid projects and experiments with government, not so much.

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