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This is still in discovery phase.

I am still not all that sure how to approach wikileaks. There are matters of international law, institutional competency, and the fact that this type of challenge has not faced us yet.

There are ways to get out of making a rash judgement here. One being that civil action (personal lawsuits) for wrongful death of exposed people when names are left in the documents. We do not even know the damage done and have no proof of intent. This is the Internet. I rather chock up some cash for those who lost family due to the serious lacking nuerological condition called common sense of what is Assaunge.
I am sure other options are available, but for now, it may be best to keep the Federal Government out of it.

Zero Intel puts a succinct memo together here.

I have no doubt that the Secretary of State must, at this point – step down.It is a large legal maze, one that will take years to code crack. Yet, damage has been done, and if you would like to save face for the Department of State, than thats your only option. There is no way foreign dignitaries and our own Ambassadors will be able to work for her anymore. And it’s not entirely her fault. She is not the only one.

Also remember the first part of Assaunge’s name is ASS.

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