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Another North Korean action.

The whole of KORK is a Gulag. Fuel, food, and supplies are in very short supply. They are desperate amid their “Dear Leader” getting ready to bite the dust. Their little pudgy replacement is trying to garner support from the military so he rockets a South Korean island.

Needless to say, revenge is in the works. A little ditty here explains our capabilities.

Again, I place the theory that the military is asking for our help. I am of the belief that the military leadership wants us to help them in removing this dictatorship. This analysis derives from the sinking of the corvette ship earlier in this year. After that incident, Kim Jung Il took a slow train ride to Beijing. Upon return, he fired top military commanders and executed his head intelligence official. It shows some dissension in the ranks.Things have not been this bad in NORK in like forever. Grain stocks have recently been emptied from the Military so it is looking very bleak.
Hence, the best time to challenge the regime is right now. Kim Jung Il is seriously Ill.


12/22/11 – Kim Il is gone. It’s too early to do anything. There are options tho.

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