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As Karachi goes, so does the whole of Pakistan.

When you talk about Pakistan, people always shrug. It seems to always be the same story to most. They all know it is unstable and has always been in unrest.

Well, this is not that story. The Opium trade from Afghanistan has helped to fundamentally change the dynamics of how governing works in this hub city in Pakistan.

I may address these other items later; Cocaine airlines, Mexico’s decline over Governship, and Chavez appointing high range drug lords in state positions.

Yet these items explain the necessity of the current war in Afghanistan right now. You must understand that this war is much more than about one country. This is about very many countries. It is about trying to save Pakistan too. This industrialized city of Karachi holds much sway over Pakistan.

Anyhow, this article is profound in it’s meaning because it outlines our current challenge to maintain a nation state. It’s here…

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