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Yes, we post comments here as well. (Afghanistan)

Naive, no.  In the fight, yes. Thats what I Am looking for. Some guy like me in the fight trying to show what IS possible instead of acting like all people are useless zombie drones. Attitude determines your lattitude and this dude uses a shot gun in a paperclip fight. He sees what is possible instead of what most others do not. He is a True American. – and I only read his comment. Thats awesome!

To have hope where there seems to be none, HE GETS IT…

Bless you bro. the impossible is possible and anything is possible with God. Say hi to the line for me. Wish I was there.

Good job anan

Petraus does not lie. This MAY be won.

Use the narrative against them. Media war and CA folks, get your gers right. We want Afghanistan to be a better place. That idiot with an AK outside your house at two o’clock posting night letters does not.

Hold on folks, this could actually work.

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