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All things in life are unconventional.

Now I know that this is so. No cookie cutter solutions ever work. Everything has it’s singular reason and ending.  People are not generally monsters unless forced to be so, or allowed to be so.

Leadership is an ability to isolate the personal from the profession, to aim small and shoot small, and keep everything possible at the lowest level possible.

In what I have read tonight and other days about these battles in Iraq shows me merit and took me back to the anbar alliance. Things were looking rough after the Fallajuah battle that I myself was thinking that a mistep or two was made. Not so. Soldiers warned them what was coming.

Iraqis are not stupid, and they turned their selves around with groundwork/wetwork WITH our Soldiers handling and optempo that would make any CEO cringe.

One sharp LT, I read of back during the enlightenment in Anbar, made an appearance again to my transom tonight.

Leadership really counts, and this dog knew how to hunt…


One side note, I am impressed with the Presidents recent trip. It was timely in Asian circles and may hand us some chips to get out guys out of Afghanistan – if done properly and patiently.

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