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The educational value of being self taught.

In Torah, reproof and correction is key in guiding LAW. The same is true in all things in your life. It is seriously important to challenge your knowledge and beliefs as often as possible to ensure what you profess is correct.

In all things that change, the importance in understanding why things are the way they are is imperative.

In my time, I have studied Islam extensively. I have settled my conclusion herewith.

My conclusion based on years of discovery, adjudication, and conference with adherents is Islam is a political movement with spiritual undertones. Not a Religion.  It is to subjugate without deference to history or any previous Religious lawfare. It was founded and defended over the works of one man, not many. Nor does it have the hallmarks of being in succession to any of Judeo-Christian beliefs. You cannot cherry pick parts of Deuteronomy and make that the point of all of your religion. Nor may you rename Hashem after an Arab pagan moon God.

The bottom line is it is about following one man without question un-opposed. Arch-angel Gabriel’s gift to mankind was a false prophet that is to herald the end of the world.

I thought it may be my responsibility to share with you a very short conclusion to an otherwise divisive subject and it is brought to you by Political Islam  Here…

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