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Have you ever wondered about a far away place called Democratic Republic of Congo?

“They arrive in the night like monsters. In northeastern Congo, in a swath of thick forest the size of some European countries, the apocalyptic Lord’s Resistance Army rebel group is a constant, foreboding presence. The LRA’s fighters — many of them kidnapped teens — murder, abduct, rape and pillage while constantly eluding a half-heartedly pursuing Congolese army..”   More…

Update: Abu Muqawama thinks that expeditions into the Congo to inter the LRA is a poorly thought idea. Seeing as our plate is full, I am inclined to agree. More… 

10/14/11 – The President has decided to send troops. Maybe to help counter arms proliferation from Libya as well.? A well written article from The Atlantic.

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  1. […] This evil entity LRA operates in many Central African Nations including Uganda, Sudan, Congo, and DR Congo. […]

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